Chibi (tsukichibi) wrote in menstrual_cups,

One Of *Those* Times

Okay, so I've been reading on this community a lot since I found out about cups and since I got one. And it seems like most of you have developed pretty good relationships with your cups. Good for you. But do you ever have one of those times? You know, when you pull the cup out and wash it, but then come heaven and high water, it is bound determined it ain't goin back up into your vagina? It just seems like most of you never have any more problems with your cups, so I want to know if this happens to you, even once in a blue moon.

For those who are curious, this happened to me tonight. Yeah, not fun. I took it out after wearing it for for my first full twelve hours. It was less than half full - no problem, emptied and inserted. It felt a little uncomfortable, but I adjusted it and decided that it would be fine. Not so much. Within a little while, I had a leak and discomfort. I went back to the bathroom, took it out again, washed it again. Tried to put it in. No luck. Repeat wash process. Insert. Removal. Wash. Insert. Removal. Wash. Insert. Won't Pop Open. Removal. Wash. Insert. Seems to be good. I leave. Five minutes later, I go back in. Cup is hanging half out of my vagina (very comfortable). Removal. Inform cup that it's f***ing going in whether it wants to or not. Insert. Finally. I can't feel it anymore, although my vagina is a little sore from all the insertion and removal. It's twinging a little, but I figure it'll stop within a half hour or so.

Sorry if that's TMI for anyone. It's nice to have a place where I can vent about the cup and instead of getting a weird look, girls just nod knowingly in a 'been there, done that' kind of way. My best friend has one, but she's still very new to the procedure (still on her first actual day) while I'm well into my second period. So she's not quite 'there' yet.

If this never happens to you oldbies, thank god. I have something to look forward to! If it does, then share your "fun" horror stories. I'm sure there are a ton of tales out there.

Tags: insertion, removal

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