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When I first got my menstrual cup, like most of you, I went through the learning curve. I had hoped (oh how I hoped) that I would be one of the lucky ones who gets the cup, slips in, removes it, and basically has no trouble at all, even during a dry run. No such luck! Luckily, after reading many posts here, I was somewhat prepared. Somewhat, being the key word. At least I knew enough not to give up after the first time.

I got the cup, went into the bedroom, read the instructions. Tried the C Fold, decided it was an invention that was made purely to make the creators laugh evilly. Left bathroom, went to computer, logged on here. Looked up punchdown and 7 fold. Retreated to bathroom. Many positions and unsuccessful attempts later, returned to computer. Logged on again. Looked up labial fold and origami fold. Tried labial fold - cup would not bend in that way long enough. Tried origami fold. Success! I was shocked when it first slipped in. For a few seconds, I just kind of... sat there.

Except... the stem was too long. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Wore it for an hour. Tried to take it out. Forgot to bring instructions in. Couldn't break seal. Tried to grab cup and yank straight down as hard as I could. Through the tears and cursing, managed to get instructions from bedroom. Read instructions. Broke seal and removed cup in proper, non-painful way. Cut the stem in half. Gave myself a break. Two days later, attempted to put it back in. Finally realized I was positioning my hands weird. Put it in. Stem still a little too long. Trim stem again. It's fine. When I go to sleep that night, the stem is bothering me. That's it - I pulled the cup off and hacked off the stupid thing for good. Put it back in. Little positioning trouble.

Then my period was over. I tentatively decided it had been a success - a few tampons, some with the cup. Next period. I've been convincing my friend to buy one. She does. It's her first one, my second one. Mine goes infinitely better. I get up ten minutes early to give myself lots of time. I can easily imagine myself fighting with the cup for twenty minutes, because the later it gets, the more tensed I am. Imagine my surprise when I had no trouble at all!

I can now remove it and insert it in under five minutes! I was so excited, you can't even believe it. I'm so happy that I stuck with it, because it really does get easier. I can't believe I did it so easily when it was so hard before! It really is just a learning curve. I'm still adjusting, but I am going to try to convert every girl I know to at least try the cup.

The bottom line is, THANK YOU for having this community. You have no idea how much it really helped me out. The folds are a god-send, and I encourage every girl to try them all out. You'd be shocked what really works, even if it looks too complicated. Plus, the advice on removal and things like that is a ton more useful than the instructions, which didn't even help very much (I read them once and then ignored them, deciding that you girls had the experience so I'd rather listen to you XD). THANK YOU sooooo much for helping me to learn about an easier, more fun way to actually enjoy my period!

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