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Tempted to return it

...if I can that is.

Okay, so the other day whispering_ibis posted in poor_skills about the diva cup . I was really really excited about this, I had been told about it in the past but then I was on the depo provera birth control shot and was not menstruating. (I wish I could go back right now to that life!!!) But then being reminded I decided to run out and buy one the very next day! I had JUST started my period when I read that post, so I thought it was incredible timing.

And here I sit with a tampon in place. I CANNOT for the life of me get that cup in! I hate it, I hate digging around down there and I'm really tempted to just give up on it and see if I can get my money back! It cost $31. I heard that Diva Cup is supposed to be 100% guaranteed. Can anyone confirm this or direct me to a link where I can find this out--the diva cup website kind of sucks.

And yes, I read lots and lots of posts on here about different insertion methods, which I tried several. And...well, right now I'm asking all you ladies to give me good concrete reasons why I should continue the effort on my next cycle!


My main issues are getting it open inside. I can NEVER get it to turn around like the instructions say! And I have tried feeling around the outside just it is very difficult to get around the entire thing...And I haven't tried all the insertion methods mentioned here, just the punch down and c-fold really, the others look too complicated for my already frustrated fingers.

That is another issue, I can start putting it in but then it pops open right away cuz I can't keep a good grip on it.

Really, it is just super frustrating--I don't have time to sit in the restroom for hours on end to do this!!


Thanks everyone for your helpful words and encouragement. (And I'm sorry I wasn't trying to offend ANYONE!!! I was just extremely frustrated when I wrote the post so if it came off as offensive, I'm extremely sorry!)

I'll give it another go, maybe try the dry run. And maybe *crosses fingers* I'll have it down for my next period! :D

PS. I bought it from a local place called Emma Goldman Clinic only store around here that sells them.
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