Brenna (breanda19) wrote in menstrual_cups,

One Year Update with the Mooncup UK!

Even though this will be a rather boring entry I thought I should do something to mark the one year anniversary with my Mooncup!
Before I ordered my Mooncup I think I must have read every single entry on this community because I was so excited to find something other than tampons or pads! I talked to quite a few people about it, as well, just to see what their reaction was or if they'd had any experience with one themselves. I decided that the Mooncup UK was the best choice for me because I definitely wanted a silicone cup and it seemed to have the best customer satisfaction from the people in this community.
I ordered my cup by clicking on the link in the menstrual_cups user info for the direct website and paid using a debit card. I live in California and it arrived from the UK so quickly! I think I had it within three days-- I was so impressed! The packaging was minimalist and discreet and it came in a drawstring cloth bag that I still use to store it in.
I took it out of the package and did a dry run as soon as I got to a bathroom and had no problems getting it in. I used the c-fold and found out that I didn't need to cut off any of the stem.
Twelve months later and I can't believe I had 7 years of periods without my cup. I only need to empty it once a day, it's so comfortable, I feel much cleaner, and I absolutely love how much waste I am keeping out of the landfills.
I tell everyone who will listen about this amazing product. A few of my friends have ordered them and feel exactly the same way. I'm so happy I found this community and my Mooncup!
Tags: mooncup (uk), success stories

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