Martha (latinanewschic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cup size help

 Hi Everyone,
I had a divacup and am currently using the mooncup UK. I am thinking about going back to tampons since they lasted at least 6 hours before changing. When I wear it, i can leave it in for 3.5 hours before emptying it. Also, I have an extremely short vagina. With the mooncup UK, my uterus fills half of the cup. If i pull it down lower, it just slides up to the same position or it is sticking out of me a few inches. Is there something I can do differently or a different cup I can buy? There is no room beside my uterus and cervix for the cup to go; the only way I can wear it is if my uterus is half-filling the cup. 
Tags: sizes/size issues

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