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What would you want your doctor to know about menstrual cups?

I'm a 4th year medical student, and in a few months I'll probably have a chance to spend some time talking with a group of about-to-be-doctors about alternative menstrual products. Having used the Diva Cup and Insteads, and having looked into it a bit myself, I have a fair amount of knowledge, but I'd be grateful for your input - what sorts of questions did/do you have for your doctor regarding your cup? What do you wish they'd known? What are some basics you think are important? Mis-conceptions you've had to (or wished to) correct?

I want to be able to represent the group when I talk with them - I'm even thinking of making a brief brochure or presentation of some sort. (I did some research a few years ago for a Feminist Fair at my college, so I have some beginnings already.) So please, ladies, share your views with me. You'll be reaching ~25 future physicians, all of whom have many friends/colleagues who are also physicians. So speak up - what's on your mind?
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