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New to the idea of using cups

Hello all..newbie here sharing my first experience with cups.

This last Saturday I was reading a post on a message board where some super "green" person mentioned being ticked at people who refused to try menstrual cups.

My first thought was WTF is a menstrual cup?  So the post mentioned Instead cups as well as the re-usable ones.  So after only about 10 mins of reading about them I jumped up and went to my local walgreens to buy some Insteads.  I think if a local carrier of the others had been 2 blocks away I might have gone to get one of those since as luck would have it my period started the night before and I was out of tampons.

I guess my eagerness to try something new stemmed from the fact that I had been having some pain using tampons and have always hated pads.  I also have a normal flow for about 2 days and then the rest of the week it seems to just trickle out not quite enough to use a tampon so I usually end up wearing a liner each day !

So to make a long story just a bit longer, I am totally hooked on this wonderful alternative to tampons!!   Being able to keep in the cup when my flow is really light is SOOO great!!   Also being able to leave it in for up to 12 hours is great - no more changing in the ladies room at work!

I'm looking forward to payday so I can place an order for a re-usable cup.
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