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Ok I checked the memories and none of them seemed to specifically relate.

I have a mooncup uk and my first period on it went pretty well.. the only problem I had was the suction. The little holes were definitely clear, and I was doing my best.. but as it opened up inside of me, it would create massive suction every time. As if it created a seal almost straight away, and as it popped open the creation of space inside the cup would make the suction.

I tried everything I could think of to prevent this, trying to get a finger beside the rim as it opened, attempting to prevent a seal.. I tried all the different folding methods, I tried having it open with just the rim inside of me... and nothing seemed to work, I still had enough suction that felt like my insides had a constant pressure on them. As I manoeuvred it to pull it out the sides of the mooncup would basically suck together (as well as still having a seal on me) and such. I didn't see anyone else writing about this - I mean that amount of suction even seems to lessen the amount of space for blood inside the cup. Especially as you are pulling it out. I also have difficulty breaking the seal. I kind of feel that my mooncup gets sucked too far up as well. It's hard to explain but I imagine some of you will know what I am talking about.

So does anyone have any suggestions?? How do I stop the mega suction? And is it hurting me to have a permanent suction in there? I'm worried it will damage parts of my vagina or cervix being sucked in for that long (sometimes my periods last 9 days etc)

So yeah specifically I guess I'm asking - how do you get it to unfold in a way that isn't just creating a mega vacuum from the fact that you have it squished together and then open it already inside of you?

Thanks in advance :) and yay for menstrual cups! This was my first try so I guess it will get easier, especially if I can sort this issue. I love them already though :)
Tags: mooncup (uk), seal & suction

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