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Please help. :(


I got a Mooncup back in... April. I've been using it with no problems (well, maybe a bit of trouble inserting it every so often) until today. My period stared this morning and I always have an incredibly heavy flow for the first 3 days but I never get cramps of any sort.

(Please forgive me, I'm awfully tired and in a lot of pain!)

So, I got up and inserted my cup the usual way (7 fold) and everything was fine. I got to work about an hour later feeling slightly uncomfortable. I got changed and stood talking to my co-worker when I'm hit with a cramp that made me gasp. And it all went downhill from there. Within an hour the pain was so bad I could barely stand up straight. Within another hour I couldn't walk. It felt like my uterus was turning itself inside out, with the help of a thousand fiery, burning hell demons trying to pull it down and out of my vagina... that's the only way I can think to explain it. Also, it felt like I needed to... poo. There was immense pressure in that general area. I shuffled out of the kitchen, got changed and went to the toilet. Sitting did nothing to ease the pain and when I tried to insert a finger to remove my cup I was so tight it was impossible. I must've spent half an hour trying to relax and calm myself down enough to be able to remove my cup. When I finally managed to remove the cup, OH MY GOD, the relief I felt was amazing. The second the cup was out I was completely pain free. I felt normal.
I really didn't want to put my cup back in and I had no pads so I used a tampon and there was no pain, no discomfort. Everything was fine... & I used tampons all night and I didn't have any pain.
I just reinserted my cup and I've got a small amount of pain that is wose when I stand/walk.

So why did my cup try to kill me/rip out my uterus today? FWIW, when I was breaking the seal/removing it everything felt normal. The cup wasn't tilted/it was open all the way etc. Just like always. So why did this happen?
Tags: mooncup (uk), popping open, removal - painful or problems

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