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Hey everyone,
This is my second month with the Diva cup and I still can't get it to stop leaking. I'm only 20, no kids, and am a fairly small person (In general, and "down there" I think) so I got the smaller size. I have some trouble getting it to pop open sometimes (I use the C fold or the 7 fold), but I always make sure to not leave it until it is fully open (I think... there always seems to be a little dent on the top side of the cup, even when I twist it, but I am usually able to get it pretty much straightened out). I have been inserting it angled towards my tail bone and twisting it several times. I also have it sit low in my vagina (as the directions say to do), with the end of the stem about even with my labia (or a little bit further in, for comfort). When it's inserted it feels perfectly fine (I can't feel it at all actually), which is nice, but every time I've used it I've gotten leaks. Sometimes it's just spotting, but other times it feels like I've got no protection from it at all! I have a pretty light flow all through my period (actually the reason I got the diva cup, tampons are way overkill for me but I HATE pads) so I don't understand what could possibly be going wrong. I've been wearing a panty-liner, but this defeats the whole purpose. Sometimes I notice that the cup has tilted slightly to the side or rode up a tiny bit, but it doesn't seem to be all that significant. I can't imagine that it's too small for me, since sometimes it's a little painful to get in. I already do Kegel exercises (quasi-regularly). I think maybe I'm somehow not getting good suction, but I don't know how to fix it. Any suggestions? I really want to love my diva cup (I already sort of do, since although it leaks it's very comfortable and I seem to have less cramping). Any advise would be much appreciated.
Tags: leakage & spotting, seal & suction

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