Angel (angelforlove) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New to the cup and having trouble

Hello everyone,
I bought a Diva Cup  a few months ago. I so want to love the cup, but it hasn't been working out for me. My problem is that once the cup is in it tilts to one side and the stem pokes me. I guess my vagina is at angle because it always tilts to the same side and pokes me in the same place. The poking irritates my labia so much that I always end up taking it out within an hour.

I did trim the stem, but it is still long enough to poke me. I am reluctant to cut the rest of the stem off just in case I want to return the cup. Besides, I feel like the problem really stems from the fact that the cup sits at an angle rather than from the length of the cup stem.

I am doubtful that I am inserting it at an angle. I always make an effort to put it in centered. I also tried switching from the 7 fold to origami fold to see if that helped. With both folds, it feels centered immediately after I put it in but after normal activity I feel the stem start to poke.

Does the cup sit at an angle for anyone else? Do you think cutting the rest of the stem off will help?

I have one other, less pressing question. What do you do about residual blood? Since I put my cup in after I start menstruating, there is already blood there. I've been wearing panty liners with the cup but it seems to defeat the purpose of using the cup in the first place. What do you all do about this?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
Tags: chafing/irritation, divacup, stem length/trimming
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