A Roaring Aura... A White Rainbow (le_soleil_noir) wrote in menstrual_cups,
A Roaring Aura... A White Rainbow

is it true that there is a ...guarantee? (is this what you would call it?) on the diva cup (or any other cup?) ... so that if i purchase one and end up totally despising it (i think i just might ...b/c i really just can't stand having things up my vagina like that) ...i can somehow get my money back?? I can't find any official information on it but i've heard some things here and there.

I'm planning on buying ..i guess...a diva cup when i go up to Austin next weekend... i'm just worred about blowing close to 30 bucks on something there is a 70+% chance i'm going to hate.
Let me know! thanks!

EDIT: ok ok! no need to waste your time with arguments on why i should get one! b/c i've already decided to get one! i just want to know if i can get my money back if i dont like it. I agree with you all - it seems like a fabulous thing! My mind loves it! but we'll see what my body thinks.
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