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I ordered a diva cup from betterlife.com nearly three weeks ago. It hasn't come since then, but since I usually have pretty long cycles I figured I would wait it out a while. However, I've always been irregular and I started getting cramps today. The thought of enduring tampons for another period nearly reduced me to tears, and I realized that it wouldn't be horribly rude of me to send the company an email. :-p

I got a very prompt and very apologetic response (even though I sent the email in the evening), as well as an offer to reship the cup by UPS instead of USPS, two days, or give me a refund. I opted for reshipping, because tampons are torture for me and the response I got makes me perfectly willing to continue doing business with them. In my email, I mentioned the woman who posted here about getting hers in 3 days, and they said that was the normal time it took. If I'm lucky, my period will hold off long enough for the cup to get here before I have to resort to tampons as a temporary measure.

If you consider buying a diva cup from betterlife.com, it's only $19 (with $5 shipping in the USA), and their customer service is very prompt and friendly, even if I was a wimp about emailing them sooner.
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