Inkshop (ezmerelda77) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New user story

I watched the community for two months then last week on day one I took the plunge and bought myself a diva cup. 

I remembered reassuring entries about how it wouldn't be nasty (my greatest fear).  I read the directions and did what I was told everything worked.  Three hours later I went to check on everything and there was not a drop of blood on my back up pad.  The cup was half full and everything was great.  Same experience for the next couple of times.  Then to bed, woke up full and a small amount of leaking.  Day two went well but I think I got a little too excited about checking every time I went to the bathroom and honestly by 8pm I was sore so I decided it was time to pack it up and try again next time.   I went back to wearing a pad so I could let my insides have a rest and let me tell you.  After two days of my Diva cup  the next two days were a complete disaster of leaky pads and tampons... and by far a lot more "ick" then with the cup

So to anyone that is on the fence about the cup due to "ickyness" please know that the cup is by far less icky then pads and tampons, and I have since told every menstruating female I know about the cup 
Tags: divacup, first time use

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