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My Moon Cup Tried to Kill Me

This is the edited version of what I just posted in my own LJ. It's behind a cut because it's detailed and graphic.

As I wrote earlier I got my mooncup UK. I decided to do a dry run and practice with the thing, because don't you know, practice makes perfect, or at least
better. So, I took the cup out and sat down with online directions of some of the different folds. I could do the C fold and the 7 fold but not the punch
down because of limited hand dexterity I think and there was another fold I couldn't even understand. I decided to do the seven fold because it looked
small in area and fairly flat.

So armed with lube and the squishy cup that resembles a wine glass with a stem but no bottom I retreat to the bathroom. Firstly, I'm not so sure of the
effectiveness of this lube. I forget the brand but it says it's something natural. Whatever it is, I figure liberal is best. I easily fold this thing into
the seven fold and insert. It goes right in. Wow friends, that was easy. It does not open, I can tell this because it still feels folded when I check the
edge with my finger. I rotate it some and it pops open but seems to be slightly tipped or something. Okay, I will remove it and try again. Wrong!

Once in the cup is not going anywhere. OMG it was stuck like concrete. I do not panic but begin to chuckle because I can think of myself marching off to
the ER, all lubed up, and with the stem partially out because it needs to be trimmed.

Okay, breathe, no luck. Hmm, squat, nope, bear down while squatting, nope. Pinch the hell out of the cup bottom as they say to do to release the suction,
nope. I cannot imagine how people have trouble with getting suction because that is all this thing had. It was like it was made to be submerged for the
rest of its forseeable future.

I finally took a deep breath, pinched the bottom, and while holding the stem pulled it loose. Oh my goodness, I think I ripped loose a body part! In fact,
it still hurts. It also made me bleed, enough so that it was easily noticable and it made a huge popping noise. This can't be right. People are not going
through this self inflicted torture multiple times a day each month. Wow this thing is a monster, and with such a gentle sounding name!

Now, I am a virgin, and I wonder if I could possibly have any part of my hymen remaining. One would think not after all the cycling and horseback riding
and occasional tampon use, but I think I'm now missing a body part. Next time I'll forget the lube and I'll use aloe gel, may as well treat injuries before
they occur, but honestly I am still sore and I will not be attempting this soon, or without further advice because it was not at all a pleasant experience.
The bummer is that I cannot use commercial pads, they have to be natural, natracare or seventh en and I think they both suck. I can't use natural tampons
either because they dry me out. I was hoping this would be a solution but now I'm not so sure.

Any advice? I'm still in pain and now I'm afraid of this thing.
Tags: dry run, keeper moon cup, removal - painful or problems

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