sillyramone (sillyramone) wrote in menstrual_cups,

unusual events

I've been using my diva cup for 3-4 cycles now and I love it! It's made everything so much easier, and I found it very easy to use (thanks to this community! haha). I only have to remove it about twice a day, maybe 3 on a heavy day, and it's never more than half full. I never have any leaks or anything, which I think is amazing compared to how it used to be with other methods. But my current cycle has been about 5 times heavier than usual (no joke). During the past 3 1/2 days I've had to remove it every 2-3 hours, except for during the night, and it's always full (and overflowing (sorry! I know that's gross!)). I've also been having some problems where it's leaked a lot! I decided this afternoon to go back to a tampon/pad combo because removing it so often was becoming painful.
I'm so frusterated I want to scream! I know this isn't really a Diva cup problem (except that I can't use my cup right now), but I know that most of you in here moniter how much you bleed pretty closely, and was wondering if this has happened to anyone since they started using their cup? Am I doomed?
Tags: heavy blood flow

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