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I LOVE my Moon-cup (keeper)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! I will never use anything else, well maybe one or two Insteads for those times I feeling a little freaky ( when my sex drive comes back). When I first got it in the mail and opened the package I was like " damn thats small ! LOL! Yes I know it's not as small as say a tampon but I was expecting something that was bigger than a penis, when really its around the same size (damn that sounds bad).
I will be getting my second period with it soon and I can't what ! I have only had two "problems" with it, 1) I had it over my cervix but that didn't last long because as soon as I stood up I felt this pain and knew it wasn't in right. and 2) it leaked one time but that was because I didn't know how long to leave it in so it got too full.
After I learned where it sits in me, how to tell if it was open, and how long I can leave it in for I had NO problem with it and that took me 2 days thanks to all of the great women that have posted before me.

The things I love about my Moon-cup
1)$37 for 10 years!
2)No health issues do to it's uses!
3)No leaks!
4)No pain!
5)No carrying tampons or pads!
6)No dogs getting into the trash at the end of the drive way and advertising thats I'm raging!
7) No smell!
8)No bloody anything in the bothroom trash can!
9)No turning myself inside out trying to take it out before it's full!
10) I can put it in before my period starts JUST incase it starts when I'm out and about or working out!!!!!!!!!
(does anyone else do this or am I the only one?)


And BIG THANKS to everyone on this site, if this site wasn't here and all the helpful women on here hadn't posted before me I wouldn't of known about menstrual cups to begin with. So thank you!!!!
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