uniquely_linsey (uniquely_linsey) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Disposable underpants!!

 I just joined this community after lurking for a while.  You guys even helped me in my purchase of a lunette(which I love!!!) Thanks, by the way :)) . . . Anyway,   I just saw in a magazine an add for disposable underpants for when you have your cycle!!  I'm not sure how old the mag was (I was in the docs office) or how long these have been out, but I was appalled!!  And they weren't that cheap either (in my opinion) at 3 for $4.99.  I can't believe the wastefullness of our society.  Well at least some of us are doing our part.  Originally I got the cup for ease with swimming/boating/jetskiing( I leaked like crazy as soon as I got out of  the water with a tampon because it would soak up lake/river water then squish out with any muscle contraction . . . GROSS!!)  But now that I have it everything is easier.  I even got rid of that whole drawer filled with various sizes of disposable pads/tampons!!!  I have one small box of liners and thats it!  I am hooked!  Thank you everyone!
Tags: pads - disposable, success stories
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