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Potential Problems

Hi, I just got a divacup and have been reading through the community. My question is what potential problems might I run into and what would be the signs of that? I'm not sure I've inserted it correctly, and I'm not sure how to tell, but basically, if I do mess it up, what problems might I cause? Are there any things I should make sure not to do or be sure don't happen because they would be serious issues?

Obviously, hygiene is vital.

I'm not too worried about messing it up and having it leak. I just want to make sure that any mistakes I make won't cause actual health issues.

Also, if the cup isn't overfilled, how much of a health issue is it to leave the cup in for quite a while? I'd like to be able to wear the cup at night, however, because I have severe medical issues I need to get at least 11 hours of sleep each night. I do not want to end up with Toxic Shock Syndrome or anything else nasty because I left a cup in too long. I don't use tampons for this reason, but was hoping the cup would work, because it is listed as safe to remain in for up to 12 hours and has never been linked to a case of TSS. I think if I put it in just before bed and take it out just after, that's likely to be okay. Although I'd worry a bit about if I end up going over the 12 hour mark if I'm particularly exhausted or unable to get up soon enough after waking.

General opinions and experiences would be good. Thank you for any advice you may have to offer.
Tags: health risks

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