tommy_black (tommy_black) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Would you still use your cup if...?

it had been in the bin? My mum 'helped' me by 'tidying' my room while I was away, which basically meant ruthlessly throwing out anything and everything in my room, including my mooncup (UK) and it's little bag, so I had to go scratting through the bin looking for it. My mum found it in the bin this morning, and claims it was put in a carrier bag then in the bin, so I can still use it. But this is the woman who picks up out-of-date meat that's been loose in the bin and put it back in the fridge, then lied about it and let people eat it, so I don't really trust her. The thought of using my cup again really creeps me out, and to be honest I'd rather pay the money and get a new one. But it is annoying because my cup is only about a month old, and it's meant to last me years! But also, I used to love my cup and now I feel wierd about it.

What does everyone else think? Should I use it, or should I get a new one? I know that technically I should use it but the thought really upsets me (I have mild OCD and once I think things are 'dirty' they upset me and I can't have them near me, let alone IN me).
Tags: cleaning
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