recuntulous (recuntulous) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Divacup Pictures!

So, a while back, I was feeling particularly in love with my diva cup (size 1, smaller), and I took a bunch of glamour shots of it.  I wanted to share them with you.  The cup has been used for at least two years now, and it's acquired a nice golden hue. 

I really don't know what makes it sparkle like that...

As you can see, the tiny little holes did get stuff stuck in them.  I gave up trying to clean them out a long time ago.  Also, around the words on the inside that say Diva Cup there's brown stuff too.  However, since the cup isn't really about how it looks to me, I don't mind.  I sterilize it every once in a while and I figure that's good enough. 

Also, I got a lunette cup size bigger in the mail on Friday, and we're getting along really well.  I just took a bunch of pictures of the lunette next to the diva, but they're not on the computer yet.  When I get it together, I'll share again.  I think the two cups  might feel a little animosity or competition with each other now.  Good thing I won't ever wear them both at once!

Hope you enjoyed!
Tags: activism, cleaning - stains, diagrams & pictures, divacup, lunette, success stories
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