muddyhandprint (muddyhandprint) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking after cleaning without water

Okay, so I've used my brand-new Divacup for... a period and a half now. The first time was pretty much problem free after I worked out the kinks of insertion, etc. Three days ago I got another period [*grumbles* Not supposed to start for another week and a half] just before I was to go to a friend's cabin for a few nights. They have one tap in the kitchen, and otherwise no running water. The fairly small, two bedroom cabin had about ten people sleeping there so there were sleeping bags everywhere and no privacy.
I brought a handful of leftover pads, but was hoping of course to just be using the Diva. It worked fine all morning, but [and I didn't have a waterbottle to be bringing with me into the outhouse... which was poor planning] after being cleaned with nothing but toilet paper a few times, it started leaking badly. I was going doubled up with the cup and a regular pad. The cup slowed my flow a little but when I took it out, it was pretty much empty and coated in gunk on the outside. After three days of that, I got home, boiled it and cleaned it properly, and reinserted it. So far it's been working fine all by itself.
Any ideas for why that would be? I'd kind of like to avoid having it happen again. Would having a waterbottle to rince it with have helped? Or is it just not something to be bringing camping?
Tags: camping & backpacking, cleaning
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