chefgirl (chefgirl74) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Anxiously waiting for the UPS man...

Not sure what made me research menstrual cups...but I did and am convinced they are the way to go!!  I ordered my DivaCup this evening and will hopefully get it in the next few days.  If nothing else, by next week, and thanks to menorrhagia and endometriosis, I will still have a heavy flow next week.  I am starting a job in which I will not be able to run to the restroom to take care of an overflowing tampon hour after hour...I'm not crazy about figuring out how it sits inside me and all those positioning issues, but if I could lose and find a NuvaRing "up in there" then I can certainly manage a DC.  Yes...I managed to double loop my NuvaRing while inserting in a hurry...and it came out like a figure-8 coil after some fishing around...anyway...can't wait to try the DC!
Tags: divacup

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