bananers206 (bananers206) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Never thought I'd say this, but... I want my period!

I was on depo for several years and didn't get a period.  About 4 months ago I switched to a non-hormonal IUD for various reasons.  Knowing one side effect was that I was going to get my period again and that it could make them heavy, I did some research into menstrual cups, found this board and instantly went out and bought myself a Diva Cup.  Still no period... I know it can take up to a year (sometimes more) for your body to regulate after getting off depo, but I'm anxious to give this thing a spin!  I've put it in a couple times just to get the hang of insertion, breaking the seal and removal, but other than that it's been sitting in my drawer for the last 4 months!

Jeez, I feel like I'm 12 again, waiting to get my first period! :P
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