esthermm (esthermm) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Question! Question!

Like I posted about around a month ago, my lovely puppy ate/destroyed my Divacup. So today I got my period and I need to go buy a new one, but I was wondering if I'd rather get a size 1 or 2. The reason is my sz 1 has been leaking a lot, and even though I have not had children and I don't think that my muscles are loose at all, I just thought that maybe it would help to get a sz 2? My flow is pretty heavy I was wondering if anyone has ever had leakage with a sz 1 and changed to a sz 2 despite the fact that they never had children or weren't over 30, and been more satisfied with it? Or should I stay away from doing that because it could 'cause me discomfort? I mean the difference between both isn't huge...but some advice would be nice!! Thanks!
Tags: divacup

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