wanderingstars9 (wanderingstars9) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I love my cup and have been using it for 7 months, but yesterday was just not the day for me.

I woke up with a surprise period due to accidentally messing up my birth control.  As always, I wake up 10 minutes before I have to leave the house.  So I grab my cup and go to do a quick insertion.  I fold it up, put it in, and go pee.  Unfortunately, little did I know I peed too quickly, before the cup fully opened.  I notice the cup poking  me.  When I'm done peeing, I squat down to fix it, and out pops the cup, unfolds, and splats blood all over me and my entire bathroom (that I just extensively cleaned the night before).

My boyfriend was in the living room cracking up at all the obscenities he heard coming from the bathroom as I shouted "I'm having a disaster, you might want to stay out of the bathroom for the next few minutes..." while washing blood off the walls.

Sorry cup, I love you, but you're going back on the shelf for the day.
Tags: insertion - painful or problems, urination

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