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Challenge Course Challenges Mooncup

So, I have been using the cup more or less successfully for the past five months. I LOVE that I finally figured it out. I'm talking LOVE, here. The past couple months I really put it to the test.

The Mooncup UK was smuggled into the airport with me on a trip this past month. It performed outstandingly and since it takes so long to fill up, I didn't have to do ANY emptying in any airport bathrooms during connecting flights!

I am more impressed with today, though. My cup faced the dreaded porto-potty. For my job we did an outdoor challenge course including staff trust activities, rock climbing, and high ropes activities. Believe me, the absolute LAST thing I needed was a leak while I was showing off my butt to the world. But the point of the exercise was to challenge myself and my level of comfort, so I gave the Mooncup my trust.

It performed outstandingly. I went from 6 AM to 6 PM with ONE trip to empty at the porto-potty. To do the task, I washed my hands thoroughly with water as best I could, emptied, wiped out the cup, rinsed it with a water bottle I brought in, and popped it back in again! Luckily they had hand sanitizer in the potty too!

I am just so proud of my cup right now. On a day when I would have had to make three or more trips to that awful, smelly, disgusting toilet to change a pad or tampon, I instead had to make ONE discreet trip. One. We rock climbed, we jumped off of things, we ran, we danced, laughed, and cried. The Mooncup faced every challenge.

I'm so proud!
Tags: sports/physical activities
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