secretnymph (secretnymph) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Day 3

Well, I've been using the Divacup since Friday and I have had some leakage.  Maybe my cup isn't completely circle?  I turn it around for a while and it seems like it opened up...  Anyways, I love it and I don't get that painful feeling I get when I wear a tampon for a long time.

I also wanted to let you lunapads or reusable pads wearer know that on the site [my current favorite site to shop] there is a user that makes them. That is a listing for slightly defected pads but still 'made with love'.  Just wanted to let you know.

Sock Monkey Organic Menstrual Pad  Isn't that a really cute one?  Just click on her shop for more pads!  :)

BTW, any tips for seeing if the cup is open enough?  I still get that slight leak that gets on my underwear and that is annoying...  I feel around it and it feels circular and open but... yea...

oh yea, some funny undies... 

Red Uterus Undies

Love your uterus!

Tags: pads - cloth

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