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17 August 2007 @ 06:43 pm

My first time with my diva was traumatic!
I had, what I've determined to be, hymen issues/tearing... and with that pain I barely used it during my first cycle with it.

Now, I've given it a second try!
I've completely removed the stem--and though I still have slippage issues, it's not as annoying.
I just need to get in the habit of emptying it more than once a day--I've been keeping it in for just under 12 hours due to work (with my commute on the L, I'm pretty much gone for 11 hours straight)... It's been fine like that, but I can definitely tell that it's ready to come out when I come home. So I've been giving my body a little break in the evenings when I know that the flow is light/not happening...

But because of the slippage issues, I am still going to order the standard sized lunette.
But I'm really happy I stuck with it! Most of the time, I don't even remember the cup is there! And I generally push it up again after going to the bathroom/after a long walk (2 hours or more)... so I'm hoping to not need to do that very much with the lunette--and remember to change it at least two or three times during the first day.

I seriously can't wait to get my sisters into menstrual cups! (too bad the oldest one has yet to even start her first period.)
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