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Lunette capacity to combat heavy IUD flow?

Hi! I've spent the entire morning reading entries reviewing Lunettes and such, and I think most of my questions are answered and my mind is mostly made up, but I decided to post anyway and share whatever I could on cups, as it's my first time posting here too.

I've used a divacup for almost 4 years now and never stopped to think that it might not be the right cup for me, I just used it. I'm 22 and have never been pregnant. I have the smaller size. It rarely leaks on me, it's comfortable, I haven't lost it (though I always wonder how I manage to keep track of something I only use once a month!), and I can't feel any of this suction everyone talks about. Getting used to it was tricky at first, but after a couple of months it was just fine. I've always had a fairly light flow, and my roommate and I bought ours together and used to compare how high we'd filled the cups at night before we went to bed, in a brutal competition to see who could fill theirs up the most. She always won.

I even like the pretty golden color my blood has left on the cup, though now I've read about ways to soak it in hydrogen peroxide to return it's new clear color. I took a couple of glamour shots of it once while procrastinating before homework too, I'll try to remember to share them with you later!

A couple of months ago, I got a copper IUD. My flow is now really heavy for the middle three days of my cycle, and I feel like I'm bailing buckets and buckets of blood out of my vagina. It's not really that bad, but I do have to empty my diva every few hours or it overflows. I was bumming around the internet a couple of days ago and decided to check up on this community which I had joined, but didn't read that often, and A HA! I'd never thought so much about my cup before. I think I've pretty much decided to go ahead and get the full sized lunette. Hopefully, the larger size will mean I'll have to empty it less on those heavy days, and the reported suction will make me less nervous about using it with the IUD. I'm not that nervous about it and haven't ever really felt the rumored strong suction of the diva, but if you ladies say there's less suction on the lunette then my IUD might appreciate that. Hopefully there won't be be any issues leaking or staying in. Do you think this is a good plan? Do any of you have experience with the capacity of the small diva compared to the big lunette? Thanks!
Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, heavy blood flow, iud, lunette, seal & suction, sizes/size issues

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