Bewildering (crimson_toque) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Yet another suction question...

I know this is me being very lazy, but I really don't feel like searching for it ATM. Sorry!

I've been using my DC for four months now, I'm on my fourth cycle. I have nothing to complain about - in fact, I love my DC. I'm just wondering if there's a sure-fire way to get proper suction right when you insert it? I have no problem inserting it at all. I use the "C" fold, but it usually never pops open right. I've experimented with other insert techniques, but they don't really suit me. Anyway, I find myself "fishing" up there with my fingers until I get a proper seal and sometimes it takes a while. Is there some kind of trick to it?

Also, this is off topic but... I'll be travelling with my DC for the first time! I've got a four-hour flight on Saturday, and my flow should be moderately heavy. I'm going to be on my period the first few days of my trip so please with me luck! This'll be a great learning experience - I've never used my DC while travelling!

Tags: divacup, seal & suction
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