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yay, finally bought one!

Hi all, I've been reading this community's posts for the past 6 months or so and I finally decided to order a Diva cup last week since I'm finally almost out of my Costco-sized box of tampons.  I did a dry test as soon as I opened my box, read the directions, and washed it.  Thankfully, I'm at the point of my cycle where I am very naturally lubricated so it slid in easily.  I'm not sure if I turned it right.  I couldn't turn it 360, it was in there pretty tight already.  It was a bit hard to pull out but I just kinda pressed at the bottom of the cup.  I also noticed that it wasn't 'inflated' like a perfect circle.  I kinda reasoned with myself that it must be because my vagina isn't exactly circular...  But yea, any tips?  

Oh!  Another question...  Those holes at the top...  They are soooo tiny!!  How am I supposed to 'clean' them???

Thanks!  I'm looking forward to my period now.  Even though, according to, it is supposed to arrive on my birthday, which is this coming Saturday :-D

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