sarah_826 (sarah_826) wrote in menstrual_cups,

sealage problems

i'm sure this question has been posted a lot of times so please don't kill me for asking. this is my first cycle with the divacup so for sure the problem will go away with expierence but i'll ask anyway so the problem doesn't persist for much longer. today is the first time that i leaked and it's weird because when i put the cup in i felt around to make sure that it wasnt squished and had popped open. i know that this is a sealage problem so i'm asking, how can i make sure the cup has sealed? when i put it in can feel it pop open but i never feel it seal, i just check around the cup to make sure its not squished anymore and seeing that its not squished i figure that it's sealed. help?
Tags: first time use, seal & suction
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