heavenkittykat13 (heavenkittykat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

breaking the seal of mooncup UK

I just barely tried using the mooncup UK again for my second dry run and I just want to know if I'm breaking the seal right.

All I do is squish the body of the mooncup with my two fingers (which can be uncomfortable if I'm not lubricated well) move it around a little bit. Sometimes I hear a "swoosh" sound after pressing the base. Does that mean the suction is broken? I'm very concerned because I have the IUD and I want to do this completely right.

After pressing the base and wiggling it a little bit, I can still feel pressure, but after pushing down with vaginal muscles, I can pull it easily. I keep on wondering, if the mooncup UK has any suction at all. It seems too squishy to me.

Thanks for the replies in advance:-)
Tags: mooncup (uk), removal, seal & suction

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