heavenkittykat13 (heavenkittykat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Second time successful dry run

Hello girls! I have been here before telling you guys about my unsucessful first time trial with my new mooncup. At that time I was really scared for my IUD etc. Last night I was looking at my drawer and I found the mooncup UK and decided to try it again. This time, I cut the entire stem off. The cup got in easily and was also very easy to remove. All I have to do is pinch the base and I can hear a "swoosh" sound then I just wiggle it a little bit and gently pull it down. I tried it 10+ times yesterday and today and its been very good and I never had troubles even though I have an IUD.

My IUD strings are well tuck in my cervix anyway and I always break the seal and make sure that I pull it out very very gently. So I guess I would be fine. I'm just waiting for my period to try it out. I'll keep you guys posted.

I'm just wondering, how much is the capacity of the mooncup uk size B. The mooncup website states that it can contain up to 30 ml. But its hard to believe that because the upper marking only said 12 ml. So i'm curious.
Tags: dry run, iud, mooncup (uk)
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