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The Keeper

Hi--I'm new. I'm tired of tampons and I've been thinking about a cup for a while now.

But, I have some questions... :D

Freading the memories, it seems like the Keeper is easier to use. However, it seems like everyone here talks about their Diva Cup. Is the Diva Cup that much better? Is it just popular because it's clear? I read that the Keeper kinda smells like rubber, but I don't think that would bother me.

My next question is about the Diva Cup. Model 1 seems like it would be for me, seeing that I've never had a child and I'm under 30. But, I'm barely under 30--I'm 28.5 years old (really, I just celebrated my half birthday!)--and I don't know if 1 would be too small or if 2 would be too big. With the Keeper, it seems like it's just before and after childbirth, which I think matters more. Then again, from what I've read, it seems like there isn't that much difference in size, so I'm thinking I should get the smaller one?
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