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can't stop leaking!

I have been using my Diva Cup for 3 months and (used to) love it.  The last couple days, it has been leaking like crazy!  It is so strange, it also feels like it is falling out of me!  I usually wear it fairly far up, but after running around - or literally going for a run this morning- I can feel it hanging outside of me!  It is so uncomfortable!  And no matter how much I fuss and make sure I have a good seal, it leaks like crazy. 

I have heard Kegals mentioned, would that help this problem?  I use the bigger cup since I am 40 and have 3 kids, but never considered myself "big" down there.  I am actually a very thin person...although I have no idea if that matters at all.

I gave up today and am using tampons.  I am so bummed, I love the cup, the idea of the cup and have had no problems so far.  Is it that I get "stretched out" and I need a break?

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