Melissa (roseofjuly) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A question, after general squeeing :D

Hi, I'm Lissa. I've gone through two cycles using the DivaCup. (This sounds like an AA meeting intro :D) I got it from for a little less than $20.

So far, I absolutely love it. I had a few problems, mostly with removal, during my first cycle. My second cycle I was a pro at inserting and removing but the cup wouldn't pop open as easily (I've read that's pretty normal with 2nd and subsequent cycles as the silicone gets less springy). I love that it is safer for my body than tampons, better for the environment, more comfortable than pads (and tampons for that matter) and that I never have to worry about having enough of a method to use from month to month -- saving a good bit of money, here!

But, I do have a question. This may sound weird, but since the menstrual cup is based on you being vertical most of the time -- head up, toes down -- what happens to the contents of the cup if you're not? Like if you're laying down? Turning a somersault? Doing a handstand? Common sense tells me it splashes out and around the walls of my vagina, which of course is not hurting it -- it passes blood all the time -- but I'm worried about it washing back up in the wrong direction. I looked through the memories and saw no particular question like this.
Tags: health risks, sports/physical activities
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