redpepper3 (redpepper3) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My doctor doesn't think I should use a cup!!!

My doctor doesn't think that they are safe, and she thinks they sound painful and messy.  I think that she is just uneducated on the topic. 

HOWEVER...I do have one question that I've even asked the Diva people...and I still can't quite figure out...The suction....It is bad to have that suction seal constantly on your cervix??? The people at Diva don't think that it is an issue.....but if you put that kind of suction say on your arm, it will bruise, etc...The Diva people said that it would only bruise if you move it while not breaking the suction. 

What do you think?

I am trying to figure out the science of it all.

I've used the Diva for one month. I've trimmed it, but it still pokes me...I'm determined to make this work...and the suction during removal is quite difficult to deal with.

Any help would be GREAT!
Tags: doctors, health risks, seal & suction
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