Moonlight in Vermont (moonlight_in_vt) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Moonlight in Vermont

divacup guarantee

Hey everyone!

I've spent the last month or so reading many posts from memories and tags here-- I know I want to buy a cup, but of course, there's the question of which brand to get and where to get it from. I was thinking of ordering a diva cup, since although it seems to be the most difficult to get used to, it's still the most popular and I like that it has good suction, so less worries of leaks.

My main question is, should I buy it from their website for from somewhere like On one hand, I could get it MUCH cheaper at better life, but then not have the guarantee on it; on the other hand, I could get the guarantee by buying it off diva's website but end up paying more if I do end up keeping it.

A question to go with that is, how many of you actually used Diva's money-back guarantee? I noticed someone mentioned that she bought a second cup brand as a back up and/or comparison, so I was thinking that if I wasn't completely happy with the Diva, I could still just keep it if I buy another one. I'm really tempted to buy the cup at, where it's only $18.99!
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