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So I've been a happy loving Divacup user for over 2 years. However, out of curiosity and love for my first cup... I decided to order a Lunette so that I could have 2 cups & keep one in the bathroom and one in my purse. It arrived yesterday!
I've only used it twice so far, so the jury is still out, but... here's what I've noticed so far:

My Lunette does NOT hold more than my Diva, which is very disappointing as that is the main reason I purchased it. I filled my Diva with water and poured it into the Lunette... and back and forth, and the two cups held identically the same amount of water. Even worse, last night I used my Lunette overnight, and when I woke up this morning it had leaked. :( It leaked from being overfull. My diva seldom leaks overfull, and never at night, I suspect because of the stronger suction.

The Lunette is prettier. It's completely smooth on the inside, and while I used to not think my Diva was hard to clean... WOW the Lunette rinses absolutely spotless instantly. Love the bigger holes, and I love that the Lunette is completely smooth on the inside.

The stem on the Lunette ROCKS. I actually had removed my Diva stem because it poked me, and the thing was kind of useless. The Lunette stem is FLAT. I didn't realize that! It's also sturdier, but because it's flat and so bendy, it doesn't poke you. I actually tested it out in the shower last night... and found that I could quickly remove my Lunette using the stem alone. Wow. Of course, if you completely remove it using only the stem, that means the cup comes out whole & unfolded.

The ridges on the Lunette are better. It's much easier to grip, spin, grab for removal, etc. When I pinched the base of my Lunette for removal, there was an instant "release" sound and zero resistance to removing it.

The silicone of the Diva actually feels more "slimey" by comparison.

My favorite feature of the Lunette is how it instantly pops open the second it's inside of me. Instant. No stirring, no twisting, no relaxing and stretching and weird poses to make it open... it instantly opens. Since that was my main problem with the Diva when I was a new user, I'm suspecting the Lunette would have a much shorter learning curve (although really, I was fine using my Diva after the very first cycle, it just took more time to insert because I had to finesse it open each time).

I'm still disappointed about the Lunette not holding more as had been reported here. I'm also disappointed to have my very first nighttime leakage (although it was overfull and the "leak" wasn't enough to run off my pantyliner) with a cup.

I'm debating which cup to wear to work today. I want to test my Lunette more, but I trust my Diva more right now.
Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, lunette

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