Maegan (princessmaegan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Question about Insteads

So my cycle arrived 3 days ago and I've been miserable.  I've had a very heavy flow and I've been kicking myself for not order a menstrual cup sooner.  I'll definitely be getting one in time for next month.  So I was at the grocery store begrudgingly buying tampons when I noticed that Intead's were available there as well.  I thought you had to order them online or something.  So I picked up a box of them.  Like I said, I'm going to order a silicone cup soon, but for now I think this is better than tampons.  I am interested in re-using them for environmental and financial reasons.  I know that some of you have re-used Insteads and I'd like to know how you have cleaned them.  Just hot water?  Boiling will break down the plastic right?  Any soap or anything?  Thanks!
Tags: instead
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