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2nd time using Diva

After my first cycle with the divacup, I was not too pleased with my new little silicone friend. As a recap, it leaked semi-constantly and even defied all logic in some ways - such as leaking in such a way that nothing got on my back-up pad, but I woke up with a giant blood spot on my bum. 

But, 46 days later (yes, 46 days - my uterus LOVES me), I tried again and I'm happy to report things went much more smoothly this time. I don't want to give my life story, but this really wasn't the best week to be menstrual. Every weekday I was working at my church to help with the kindergarten day camp class. By tuesday afternoon I had a cold (36 five year olds aren't particularly sanitary, I'm afraid), and by tuesday night, my period had started. Nevertheless, I couldn't back out, so I had to persevere despite feeling like crap and the nagging worry of having to explain to little kids why it looked like I'd sat in red paint. 

It went amazingly well. First of all, there were almost no cramps. Second, it only really leaked when it was full, aside from residual blood that accumulates during emptying and re-insertion. Third, it somehow took so long to fill, I don't think I ever had to change it while I was away from home. And fourth, even overnight it worked out fine - yes, it did end up leaking like crazy, but during my second night that's basically inevitable, and it was nothing a pad couldn't handle, really - only a little spot on my pants when I woke up, instead of the all-out bloodbath of last time. 

Insertion and removal are pretty much non-issues. I didn't cramp, I didn't have problem leaks, I didn't have constant worry during my very busy week. I'm so glad I didn't give up after the first time. 

The only real problems I'm still having are that removal is still pretty much messy as all heck, and that I find it difficult if not impossible to urinate with the cup in, especially later on in my period, for some reason. However, removal is so easy it's not a big deal. Plus, the leak situation still isn't ideal, but it's certainly going in the right direction.

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