Rini (stafferchick) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cup suggestions?

I've been reading around for a while now...and have gotten a lot of good info, but still have some questions...

I've got a smaller diva cup, but had issues with it, and quit using it after the first day (though I'm going to attempt it again to see if things are better this cycle)...

I know I'd like to try a different cup, and I'm sort of leaning towards the lunette...

Here are my concerns:
-Slippage. My diva shifted a lot and would settle in the most painful positions, or would just move down so far I'd have to adjust it anywhere from once an hour to once every 3 hours...
-Stem/pinching. I haven't cut my stem, but will if it pinches again... Basically, when it shifts down, the stem pinches--and last time it pinched what was left of my hymen, which caused a lot of pain and some bleeding. This pinching pain lasted for a while--I still felt sore for the next couple days (I sort of imaging this is what I should have felt when I lost my virginity, but my hymen never broke... or at least, not that I ever knew about--no blood no pain).
-Suction. I've read about this happening with divas, that they just sort of create a death grip in there which causes frustrating times removing--but if it's got such great suction, why is it slipping?

Basically, I'm wondering what I need to look for in a new cup...
I'm 23, non-virgin...
I was wondering if the larger/original lunette would work better as far as staying in place--hoping a cup with a fuller size might stay in place. Plus, I've heard good things about the lunette's stem...
I just want something that's comfortable when it's in, doesn't move around like crazy, and is pliable enough to get in and out with minimal strain (I realize the cups probably soften up a bit with use)...
I know other people have had issues with these too... and I know there's a learning curve... I just want to find a better fit.

I'm not opposed to the Keeper, but just haven't looked into it... mostly just looking at the lunette and mooncup UK.
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