heavenkittykat13 (heavenkittykat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cup sucking my cervix

Ok so I got my mooncup uk today and I try to dry run it. Insertion was quite easy and after I placed it in, I tried to pull out, but I can't. I tried pressing the base, but the mooncup is to squishy that I didn't think that it broke the suction. Second, I tried to reach up there to the rim of the cup and I found that the rim just sits in my cervical opening at the end of my vagina. So there's no way that I can break the seal since everytime I do it, the cup just keep sucking my cervix. For those moments, I was totally terrified that it will expel my IUD. After minutes of twisting and trying to pull out. I just decided that I'll just get another IUD, if it sucks it out because I just want to friggin cup out. So I pressed on the base and just yank the mooncup out.

Thankfully, my IUD didn't expel with it (but I'm guessing it came pretty close). I think I'm not suited to using the cup because like what I thought before, my vaginal opening is rather small. I could reach my cervix only inserting half of my finger. This means that the moocup has no choice but to sit in my vagina and the rim touching the cervix. I know this would be dangerous because It will one day yank my IUD out. I don't want that to happen though. So I must say that I'm giving up and just going back to trying those tampons (at least the don't pose any risk). I'm sad;-(
Tags: iud, mooncup (uk), seal & suction

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