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I love you all...Diva Cup update!!!

Okay so ladies as you all know I ordered my Diva 3 weeks ago, got it last week, and am expecting my cycle this week... I love my Diva!!!  I looked on here for insertion methods and I work best with the punch down method.  And removing it is a breeze... I bear down and break the seal at the same time... I love it!  Last night was my first night sleeping with it and i slept like a baby (as always) and this morning removing it was sooo simple.  Today is my first day out of the house with it.  I had to shave the stem down, it's almost off, but there is still a little of it there.  I have to get use to it inside of me though, (just as i had to do with tampons)... I'm a lil crampy right now, so today my be my first day seeing blood in it... anyway ladies I love you all, and I'm sooo glad that you all are so informative, ya'll really helped me out a bunch... anyway I hope that I can get use to the feeling of it, and I'll be fine...but so far so good...and I don't know how many times I can say THANK YOU for all the post, pictures, information and so on and so forth!!! But this week will be the ultimate test... I'm going on a week long trip out of town... (smiles)!!!  Have a happy period! I hope I will...

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