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Pricking and Piercing

Thank You

In reply to someone else's post, I saw a request for success st ories.  I'm not sure I'd quite call mine that yet, but I feel like I am on the way .

Yesterday I had a horrible experience in the morning with removing the diva cup (as you might remember).  I wore a tampon to work, when I changed at work, I again use a tampon.  However, when I came home and needed to change that evening, I decided that, since I would be remaining in the safety of my home and had done a LOT of research since the morning's traumatic evilness, then would be a good time to take a deep breath and try it again.

Using the punch down method, I managed to get it in a lot easier this time.  Felt a little crampy, but that eventually passed.  Then came the real test.  Bed time.  Time to remove it again.  

At first there was fear - there was no way in the world that even I, who has been told she has "piano fingers," could get my middle (or any other finger) up high enough to break the seal.  A wash of my blood covered hand and a deep breath.  Relax.  What to do?  OH!  That's right, try pushing.  And that did it.  I could grab the bottom, pinch, pull a tiny bit - though there was the sensation of "Pull much further and the pain is going to be back."  Reached a finger and broke the seal - heard it (not a pop so much as a slush)!  And gently wiggling it out while holding it so there would be no more seal reforming, and it was out.  Dumped in the toilet before it was even completely out, but that's why we do this over a toilet, yes?  Still a little pain on removal, but slight and not that bad.

Decided, though one person had suggested against this, to wear it to bed instead of a tampon.  Went even easier this morning.  

I'm now wearing what I consider the ultimate test.  White pants.  Here goes!

I won't say I love my diva cup yet.  I do love my luna pads.  However, I'm feeling hopeful towards my diva cup.

Tags: success stories, teething troubles

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