filiztoprak (filiztoprak) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Greenhouse gases

MoonCup UK lover here.
Might seem a bit skew, but with the issue of global warming being discussed day in and day out, I'm interested to know if anyone can provide me information on which is more advantageous greenhouse gas-wise - creating one menstrual cup of medical-grade silicone to be used for 10 years or the thousands of hygienic pads used in a decade? My guess favours the former - BUT - is there a way I could be unpleasantly surprised? Granted, menstrual cups keep you from contributing to landfills. Are they also atmosphere-friendly, entailing less emissions during their manufacture? Anyone in the know? It need not necessarily be info per se - any keywords to give me guidance in my research would suffice. After all, this is an area of interest altogether Greek to me.

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