tazze_del_diva (tazze_del_diva) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I thought I had it figured out.. guess not. LOTS OF SUGGESTIONS NEEDED!

Sorry if this is too much info... You can just answer the last two if you don't want to read everything.

I just started my first diva period like 2 hours ago. I'd done a few dry runs before, and once I got the hang of it getting in was easy,and removal took forever and was painful for the last inch but I thought hey, its tolerable, I have delt with far worse.
 I thought I was good to go but nothing could have prepared me for this last hour. Got it in no problem, first try at positioning it opened next to my cervix ( near tears and alot of cussing) but I finally got it re-adjusted and it felt perfect. I was thrilled because I'd never gotten that good positioning before. Then I took a few steps and I felt like someone took a butcher knife and stabbed me from my opening to my spine. Upon further inspection the stem was rubbing against the glory spot, so I decided to trim the stem, but when I started to remove it, it felt like my entire abdomen was being ripped out. I automatically thought back to the posts about too much suction so after way to much time sweating and semi-freaking out about how I can't get it I finally break the suction and get it out.(Not a cool feeling when you squeeze to break suction and realize your squeezing your cervix too!)  Then I FINALLY trimmed the stem and realized, only one of the little holes on the top is actually all the way through. Oddly enough, I don't want to give up yet.

No wonder I couldn't break suction. So my questions are:

How do you keep it from popping open next to your cervix? 
How do you make the holes at the top bigger? Should I just use a pin? 
Is it very difficult to remove a Diva with only one finger if it doesn't have a stem?
How long should I wait before trying my Diva again?

Thanks a million!

Tags: first time use, popping open, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, stem length/trimming

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