Pricking and Piercing (thornsandblades) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Pricking and Piercing


I started my period last night and was all excited because I could finally use my Diva Cup (the idea of a dry run had not even occured to me!).

Putting it in was difficult, but I managed.  I thought I had read somewhere not to trim the stem, but I know after last night's usage that if I ever want to use it again, the stem has got to go.

However, this morning when I tried to take it out - there was soooo much pain.  I'm still sore.  From what I've read, I believe the pain had less to do with suction (though I could be wrong) and more to do with the cup catching at the entrance (or exit) to vagina.  It was like the cup was too big to come out of me.  Serious serious pain.

I'm currently wearing a tampon because the idea of trying to put it in again this morning - meaning I'd have to take it out again this afternoon - was just... really not pleasant.  Though I'm kind of bitter about wearing a tampon. 

Tags: first time use, removal - painful or problems

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